Ayurveda Massage Course - 7 Days 14 Days

Rishikesh Yog Darshan offers Ayurveda massage course for the yoga enthusiasts who want to learn the correct method of doing Ayurveda massage for professional purposes so that they can practice massage in their clinics on other people. Yogacharya Uttam is the founder of this yoga school. Ayurvedic massage courses are available for a duration of 7 days and 14 days. The massage training is given at our center by yoga experts who are masters in their field. The course includes lessons on both theory and practical of an ayurvedic massage. Students learn the basic principles of yoga and the importance of massage during the course.

Ayurvedic massage is done with oils. Specially formulated oils are used for doing the massage that has some special properties. The students learn about the different oils and their use for treating specific health problems. They become familiar with herbal oils and their properties. It is important to gain knowledge about the various herbal oils used in an ayurvedic massage. The massage training course trains students in the right use of oils as per the need of a patient.

Students who join the massage course learn how to make linen bundles that are used for doing the massage. Herbal leaves and powders are tied in the bundles that impart medicinal properties to the massage. Our massage course trains the learners in the right method of doing the massage by dripping medicinal oil on the body.

It is only by learning to drip oil and rubbing it on the body with correct movements and motions of fingers and hands that the massage can be done effectively. Sometimes, the yoga practitioner may need to put a stream of oil on the patient’s forehead. The right way of doing this has to be learned from an expert teacher. Only then, a yoga guru can do the massage properly. The ayurvedic massage course in designed keeping in mind this requirement of people who join the training course.

The Ayurvedic massage course in Rishikesh Yog Darshan helps learners in doing their yoga practice properly. It increases the knowledge of yoga principles that are behind the oil massage. The course is of benefit to health care practitioners and people who are interested in gaining more knowledge about ayurvedic massage. Professional massage therapists who have their own clinics or those who work in massage centers can take advantage of the course to increase their knowledge about herbal massage. This will help them in treating health problems with a massage in their patients and visitors to their clinic.

The massage course is of use to people who work in Ayurvedic spas. The employees of the spas can utilize the information they gain during the course in their work field. Workers of beauty centers can join the course and learn ayurvedic massage from yoga experts. Employees of wellness centers must enhance their skills in treating health problems through massage with our course. Writers who write ayurvedic articles and researchers who need to study ayurvedic massage for research purpose can take advantage of the course and learn ayurvedic massage. Entrepreneurs, companies, and business owners who manufacture and market ayurvedic and herbal products can study massage at Rishikesh Yog Darshan. Thus, the ayurvedic massage course is highly beneficial for anyone who works in the field of yoga and Ayurveda.