An accurate process for the detoxification of body

Panchakarma is a clarification process of the mind-body system. Different bodywork technology, client-customized diets and special diets, Panchakarma therapies are created for individuals based on the unique constitution and health situations. The initial step of the therapies is to remove the accumulated wastes, toxins, and blocked channels designing the imbalance.

After doing the purification, rejuvenation process is implemented to save and strengthen the procedure for optimal functions. Panchakarma has been considered as the best method for the purification of the body as it is the treatments used to remove the toxic substances from the body. According the philosophy of Ayurveda, the body has seven elements. If the balances among these get disturbed, then this will increase the toxicity inside the body.

The purification of the body is performed with the support of the treatment. If is provided in the massage parlour or spas. In this, the essential oils along with the minerals and various other natural products are used. These mineral oils are given on various parts of the body in order to remove the toxic material. The massage therapy is used in this procedure.

There are five elements of this treatment:
  • Nasya

    It basically deals with the cleansing of the nose. In this, the medicated oils are implemented to clean the neck & head portion. The essential oils are used in this that have excellent aroma. The pleasant smell of the oils helps a lot in eradicating the toxins of the nose, neck, mucus chamber & various other associated parts. This medication helps a lot in improving eyesight; preventing headaches & grey hairs etc. it will help in curing the head ache, facial palsy, discharge from the nose, skin diseases.

  • Vamana

    It is the treatment used to cure different ailments of the physical structure. The mineral oils provided for significant strength of the tissues & cells of the physical tract. It helps a lot in treating the bronchi & alveoli. This treatment is helpful in controlling diseases like asthma, chronic allergy etc.

  • Virechana

    If a person has pure liver then it is essential for the proper execution of the digestive system. This treatment deals with the eradication of the toxic substances from the gall bladder. This technique is effective for curing problems like acidity, constipation, and digestive disorders.

  • Sneha Vasthi

    Mixture of the medicated oil, flavoured paste supports in the treatment and supports within the purification of the full body. Essential oil enhances the tone of the body in addition as activity varied parts connected with it. The detoxification of the build takes place with the assistance of the oil.

  • Raktha Moksha

    This is basically the purification of the blood. The pure blood is magnificent for offering perfect nourishment to system & parts of the body. It is a complicated process and is not used in general panchakarma medication.
    Thus, one can get the panchakarma treatment performed in 7, 14, 21 days with the support of the mineral oils. The main advantage connected with it is used along with essential oils, so no side effect of the treatment is predicted.