Explore some of your hidden possibilities through yoga

Yoga can be a source of your way to lead a healthy life; it can help in opening up your mind, soul, and body. This opening up of your mind can even help you to explore all the endless possibilities that you hold in yourself. Yoga also includes some aspects of philosophy in it, it is said that without having the aspects of philosophy, yoga is like a body without being conscious.

Yoga is becoming popular these days and not even nationally but internationally as well people are learning about the benefits that a regular yoga session can have in your life as well as body. Yoga holds the capability to completely transform your life.

There are certain 200 hrs yoga teacher training programs are conducted in Rishikesh, to help people learn about yoga. It is believed that Rishikesh is the place from where the yoga is originated, and this makes this place the best suitable one for this yoga training. These sessions will help you in building a connection from you to yourself.

These yoga teaching programs are not only for the persons who are seeking to teach yoga in the future, but it can also be joined by the persons who are willing to learn and reconnect with themselves. This 200 hrs yoga teaching sessions generally last for four weeks or twenty-eight days. There is a whole teaching curriculum involved in this whole procedure.

There are several ashrams who organize these teaching programs; they try to create a very friendly yogic environment so that it can encourage the people who have joined these programs, to have a better focus on the training and teachings which are given in these programs.

Week-wise schedule for the yoga teaching program

The whole 200 hrs yoga teaching program is divided into 4 weeks;
Different activities are generally assigned for each different week aiming at better learning. This division of tasks in weeks also helps in better and efficient learning and implementation of the teachings that are given in those programs.

  • Week 1

    The first week starts with the basics. The basics theories related to yoga will be explained and some of the basic yoga postures would be practiced in the first week. This theoretical week will help in understanding the benefits of yoga in a much better way and it will help in motivating you for the coming weeks.

  • Week 2

    The second week will focus more on the postures and gestures. Students will be taught about controlling the body through several yoga postures. Gaining flexibility is the main concern of the second week.

  • Week 3

    In this week the main attention is given on what you have learned in the past two weeks, your postures will be corrected and they would be taken care of. In this week gestures will be given much of the importance.

  • Week 4

    In the last week, you will be taught how you can teach your upcoming students.

A detailed description of all the sessions

The above-mentioned description was the basic 4-week plan of the 200hr yoga teaching program. There are certain practices of asanas which are taught in this duration of 4 weeks. The detailed explanations regarding these are explained here:

  • Yoga and philosophy sessions

    In these sessions, the students will be explained about the connection between philosophy and yoga. They will be taught how these two terms are inter-related and how they affect our lives.

  • Interactive training sessions

    In these sessions, students will be taught on ways to interact with their future students, and techniques through which they can train them efficiently.

  • Anatomy classes

    These anatomy sessions help the students in better understanding of the human body and the important parts of our body which help in better functioning of a person.

  • Asana session

    Several asana sessions will also be conducted to help the students learn about different asanas and to build flexibility in their bodies so that they could perform these asanas easily and correctly.

  • Pranayam session

    Pranayam is considered with the yoga which is considered with breathing. These yoga postures and gestures help the person in regulating their breathing for regulating their lives.

  • Mantra and meditation sessions

    Several mantras and meditation sessions are also conducted so that they can help the student in learning the art of being calm and composed. Mantra chanting is also an important aspect to live a healthy life. And then the benefits of meditation are known by all.

  • Best and unique teaching methodology

    This session will help the students in learning the best methods to teach their students. This includes communication with the students, proper sequencing of the yoga sessions, and much more.

  • Yoga ethics, lifestyles, and health

    There will be different sessions conducted regarding the lifestyle which is recommended in the yoga, health and every other detail, which is important for leading a healthy life.

These were some of the session which will be practiced once the program starts. After you have completed the program you will have complete knowledge of various types of yoga postures, different and effective methods of teaching, and many other such important areas.

This session will help you in completely transforming your life and that change or transformation will definitely be for something really great and healthy.